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Of the following list of Floridians lost from the Vietnam War, 25 were lost in South Vietnam, 22 in Laos, 18 in North Vietnam and 4 in Cambodia.  The whereabouts of Capt Speicher from Desert Storm is unknown.  In case you are wondering, Ho Chi Minh City and Saigon are one and the same.
Of the 69 missing from the Vietnam War, 53 were aircraft losses, 2 sea craft, and 14 ground losses.  Capt Speicher was piloting an FA-18 when he went missing the first night of the Gulf War.

Note:  My Honor Pages include those from the above States as well
Adams, Samuel                               
Allen, Henry L.                                
NOTE:  Randolph J. Ard's remains were returned in October 2004.                              
NOTE:  Ralph C. Bisz's remains were returned in June 2008.                                
Bixel, Michael Sargent                     
NOTE: Lost with Robert Pittman
Brellenthin, Michael J.                            
NOTE: Michael J. Brellenthin's remains were returned in 1969.  He was buried in a mass grave in St. Louis.
Brenneman, Richard C. (Indiana)                  
NOTE: I listed Lt Col Brenneman because he was from the town I grew up in.  He returned safely home after 5 1/2 years captivity.  I still remember the occasion although I was in grade school.
Bundy, Norman L.                          
Bush, John R.                                 
Carter, George W.                       
Collins, Guy Fletcher                    
Crosby, Frederick P.                    
DeCaire, Jack L.                           
NOTE: William E. Dillender's remains were returned in Feb 2006.                 
Dubbeld, Orie J., Jr.                         
Duncan, Robert R.                           
Dunlop, Thomas E.         
NOTE: Thomas E. Dunlop's remains were returned in May 2003.
Eby, Robert G. (Civilian)
Edgar, Robert J.                              
Fleming, Horace H. III                    
Frosio, Robert Clarence                  
Gallant, Henry J.                            
Garbett, Jimmy R.                              
Gassman, Fred A.                              
Gomez, Robert A.                             
Gott, Rodney H.                                 
NOTE: Rodney H. Gott's remains were returned in January 1973.  He was buried in a mass grave in St. Louis.
Hanson, Thomas P.                           
Hart, Thomas T. III           
NOTE: Thomas T. Hart III's remains were returned in February 1985. 
Hestle, Roosevelt L. Jr.                     
Hoff, Michael G.  (Also listed as Home State of Oregon)                                 
Hopps, Gary Douglas                             
Jackson, James T.                              
Kerr, John C.                                      
Laker, Carl J.                                    
Ledbetter, Thomas I.                           
Manor, James                                 
Martin, David Earl                             
McLaughlin, Olen B.                      
McLeod, David V. Jr.                          
Mercer, Jacob E.             
NOTE: Jacob E. Mercer's remains were returned in October 1993. 
Milikin, Richard M. III                          
NOTE:  Malcolm T. Miller's remains were returned in February 2005.                    
Moore, Thomas (Louisiana)
NOTE:  Captured along with Samuel Adams
Murphy, Barry D.                                 
Neal, Dennis P.                                
Nelson, Jan Houston                          
Nichols, Hubert C.                              
Olson, Gerald E.                                   
Osborn, Geoffrey H.                                
Ostermeyer, William H.                          
Parker, John J.                                        
Phillips, David J. Jr.             
NOTE: David J. Phillips, Jr's. remains were returned in April 2004. 
Pittman, Robert E.                                
Read, Charles H. Jr.                               
Rickel, David J.                                       
Scrivener, Stephen Russell                        
Speicher, Michael S.  (Missing from Operation Desert Storm)                             
Sprott, Arthur R. Jr.                               
Stewart, Peter J.                                   
Stone, James M.                                        
Thomas, James R.                                     
Timmons, Bruce Allan                              
Traver, John G. III                                    
Weissmueller, Courtney E.                    
White, James B.                                     
Williams, Eddie L.                                 
Williams, Edward W.                               
Williams, Leroy C.                                    
Young, Barclay B.              
Note:  Major Young's remains were identified and returned in June 2008.                

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