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My Biography

We Lived It


Veterans Of The Viet Nam Conflict
When I was Young and Wild; No longer a Child, I went to War with my Brothers.
From the North, East, the South and the West; we were, America’s best.
Many lost their Girls and Wives to Jody; along with their Booty!
He was their best friend! While we were away, Jody did play!
We went to fight; for you, and the Red White and Blue.
We were taught: To shoot between the eyes, that way we knew they would die!
We were highly trained in Weapons of Mass Destruction and, Combat (Hand to Hand)!
It was easy to Kill a man! Day by day; we were, the Enemy’s Prey.
Bullets would scream by our heads, one Inch closer, we’d be dead.
The sounds of the Big Guns would pierce our Ear Drums. Bombs and Napalm would fall from thesSky: Many men died on both sides; No matter how much, they tried to hide! Booby Traps and Land Mines were all around, on Tree Trunks, in and on the ground.
Atop the Trees, Charlie would wait for us, to take his Bait.
Immersed in Water; with Weapons above our heads, slowly we moved, make NO sound or we’d be dead.
Our way through Villages we made:  Children approached us with Grenades.
Charlie would hide everywhere, of our Soldiers, they were scared!
The Cong were famous for the Tunnels in the ground, in our Tunnel Rats they were Bound, Armed with only a 45, they left no none alive!
The Jungles were full of Tigers and Snakes, our Lives they could take!
Those 2 days in the Rear; the Women we had to fear! "5 Dollars GI, Me make You Feel Real Good"! Entice us they would! Inside them; a Razor Blade they would embed, as to make Us Dead!
We found the taste for Blood; from that Nasty Mud. We pushed our way, through that Bush; so many lives, were lost, at such a Terrible Cost.
The Scene so Red from those who Bled, and laid Dead!
Our Tracers Red, their Tracers Green, in the night they could be seen! To Fight at Night, No Moon light, 'twas a Terrible Fright!
That Stinky Nam; was No Joke, the smell alone would make You Choke. So Hot, No Head Cover, your Brain would Fry, No warning-you would Painfully Die!
Many lost their Limbs; So much Pain, So little Gain,  my Brothers Crawled to their Death, with their very last Breath! Some Cried: as they LAY and DIE; Some with Guts hanging out, Medic-Medic: We could Hear them shout!
Our MOTTO was: NEVER GIVE UP NOR ADMIT DEFEAT! There was No Call for Retreat!
As We Charged Into Battle, We would Yell: REMEMBER THE “BLACK HORSE”! WE’LL SEE YOU IN HELL!  We were the Cav, the 11th Cav. No fight did we Loose, Most Fights we did choose.
On the Battlefield, the Angel of Death was real: His Mighty Sickle he did wield
We are the Soldier’s Family Tree, The Men who Kept America Free! You can never know, what it means, to be Our Nation’s Fighting Machines! There was no Rest for America’s Best.
Day after day; Night after night, on went the Fire fight! We Bought Our Tickets to Hell! Paid for; With Our Souls, Our Hearts were cold!
Awake at night I Stay!  Dream no more I Pray!  No Hero’s Welcome did We Receive; Still in you, We Believed.
We came Home, and upon us, we were spat, just as if we were, no better than Rats. Baby Killers,  we could heard them call! Still we Stood Tall. Traitors I say they were.
They worshiped Charlie Manson of (Helter Skelter) Fame! Bill Ayers and his Wife, Criminals from (The Weather Underground) Radical Revolutionaries and Thugs! And, Ho Chi Minn (Communist) the Leader of Our Enemy. The Biggest Traitor of all; Hanoi Jane (Jane Fonda)! She sat on the Enemy’s Anti Aircraft Guns: and Posed with them, what a Gem!
We still to this Date, have Men who didn’t Return (POW’s and MIA), Those Traitors, in Hell They Should Burn! To Our Flag; We Pledged Our Allegiance, for that, we have no Grievance. Where’s the Gratitude, for those who died, for America’s Pride? Make Love not War was their Call! Hippies and Yip-pees, High on Drugs, they did Fall!
We Fought for your Children, we Fought for you, and we fought for the Red, White and Blue. Their Story is full of Glory; So many died YOUNG, Not even 21!
They Were Braving! Their Limbs and Lives They Gave! When we left the Nam, the A.R.V.N.s, were left behind, for the Cong. They Fought with Us, Side by Side, you left them to Die! You asked of us; to Give You Our Trust, Now You Throw Us Away, like a Crust!
Your Soldiers need Help to Survive, or would you have them Die? They stay on the Streets, too Weak to Eat. You say: No more Money to Give, No more Money to Live! Yet in DC, They Line their Pockets with Loot, and don’t tell us the Truth. All we hear is: "YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN"! But, they keep their Heads in the Sand!
They hide from us, That’s Not Trust. Our Soldiers, they are Accused and Abused! Arrested they are; many at one time, tell me for what Crime? They go to Jail; with No Bail! At them, the Judge, he throws the Book, without a Second look. Afraid to Sleep or Lay on a Bed; Afraid by morning, they’ll be Dead. Some Die in Prison! These were your Soldiers; their lives they would've GIVEN, for God and Country, Not for Money!
So many Addicted and Convicted. The Government Gave Them the Dope, Now Gone is Their Hope! Some take their own Lives, they had Children and Wives! They’ve Given Up yes Given Up! America; we trusted you! Now we ask of you, to Your Soldiers be true? Mend Our Bodies and Mend our Minds, Your Soldiers Lives are in a Bind. Return the Love we gave to you, to your soldiers you Must Be True! Heed our Warning; Heed it well, for without your Soldiers, our Country Will go to Hell! For you, they gave their LIVES and LIMBS! We Fought for you, now Fight for Us! It’s not much to ask, but it is your TASK!!!
                                    A Solider Then, A Solider Now,
Sgt Duke Sherman
G- Troop, 2nd of the 11th  Armored Calvary Division,
Viet NAM, 1970-1971
Black Horse Soldiers

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