Sunday, September 30, 2012


A Brief Chronology of the Vietnam
Women's Memorial Project
              — excerpted from "Celebration of Patriotism and
               Courage," Vietnam Women's Memorial Project, Inc.

           1983 – The idea for the Vietnam Women's Memorial
           is conceived by Diane Carlson Evans, RN, who served
           in Vietnam as an Army Nurse
           1984 – To place the statue at the Vietnam Veterans
           Memorial in Washington, D.C., the Vietnam Women's
           Memorial Project is incorporated as a nonprofit
           volunteer organization.
           1985-1986 – Resolutions are passed at the national
           conventions of major veteran organizations
           supporting the efforts of the Vietnam Women's
           Memorial Project.
           1986 – First approval is obtained from the Vietnam
           Veterans Memorial Fund, Inc.
           1986-1987 – With the first approval hurdle cleared,
           fund-raising and education efforts begin.
           1987 (September) – Second approval is obtained.
           The secretary of the interior approves the concept.
           1987 (October) – A public hearing by the Fine Arts
           Commission rejects the Women's Memorial proposal.
           1987 (November) – The Senate and House submit
           companion bills authorizing the Vietnam Women's
           Memorial at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the
           1988 (February to October) – The political process
           drags on as House and Senate hearings over the
          memorial air out the details of the project and
           debate its ultimate fate.
           1988 (November) – President Reagan signs the
           Senate bill into law, authorizing the Vietnam
           Women's Memorial.
           1989-1990 – Desirable locations for the memorial
           are determined, and possible sites begin their
           journey through the approval process.
           1990 (August) – A national competition is launched
           for the design of the memorial.
           1990 (Veteran's Day) – Co-finalists and honorable
          mentions are announced from the design
           1991 – Glenna Goodacre of Santa Fe, N.M., an
           honorable-mention winner, is selected by the
           Vietnam Women's Memorial Project board of directors
           to design the memorial.
           1991 (Autumn) – Glenna Goodacre's design is
           approved by the appropriate federal agencies.
           1992 (November 12) – A plaque-unveiling ceremony
           takes place at the site of the Vietnam Women's
           1993 (July 29) – The groundbreaking ceremony for
           the Vietnam Women's Memorial occurs.
           1993 (August) – A 21-city whistle-stop tour of the
           Vietnam Women's Memorial kicks off in Santa Fe,
           N.M., en route to its final destination of Washington,
           1993 (November) – The dedication of the Vietnam
           Women's Memorial takes place.

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