Sunday, September 30, 2012

PTSD Is Very Real

 ~Why do things happen in life

to bring to a man so much strife~
~To fill his soul with that of such pain
as if to bind him with a weighted chain~
~So great his sadness he cannot bare
no one to love no one to care~
~His thoughts are full of but why
 often he ponders his own demise~
~He fought in the war so long ago
a very young man of just eighteen years old~
~PTSD’s real has it does he
a gift from hell total misery~
~Afraid to sleep stays awake in the night
to sleep would return him back to the fight~
~He’s suffered for years causing but grief
leaving him in shock and that of bereave~
~Memories of friends felled by the war
the taking of life so many the horror~
~Silently he cries God help me please
take from me this terrible disease~
~To know in my life peace once again
a Blessing my God please will you send~
Duke Sherman

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