Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Am A Vietnam Veteran

I am,
a Vietnam Veteran!
My hopes are High,
that when I Die,
I’ll be Remembered,
my Memory not Dismembered!
I have Killed Many,
but-they were the Enemy!
I’ve always done My Best,
to Bequest,
My Love and Assistance,
without any Resistance!
I always Adhere,
My Life’s affection,
but when I look in the Mirror,
I still see the Reflection,
of War,
and All It’s Horror!
I can’t Sleep at Night,
I Dream with Fright!
I Think of what I’ve Done,
and I’m Overruned,
with Anxiety and Guilt,
for Those I have Killed!
My Soul Retains an Overcast,
of My Terrible Past!
I Cannot Forget,
My Heart Will not Let!
It was Kill,
or Be Killed,
But It Still Makes me Ill!
I was a Soldier,
of Just Eighteen!
I’ve Seen-
and Done Many Things!
Now I’m Wondering;
Can I Make up for My Past?
Will my Soul-
God Cast,
To The Devil to Hold?
These Feelings are Constant,
I’m alway’s in Want,
for an End to this Fear,
when I Look In That Mirror!
Sgt Duke Sherman
G-Troop, 2/11 ACR
Black Horse Soldiers
Vietnam Veteran

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