Sunday, September 30, 2012

I am TheRaj Hear Me Roar CuChi Vietnam


  The 2nd Squadron, 11th is widely considered to be one of the best trained mechanized forces in the world.     

~Find the Bastards then pile them on~

I’ve been dreaming Nightmares again,  

will my misery and pain ever end?

That Frigging PTSD,

is getting the best of me! 

I find myself back in Vietnam,

November 1971!

The rain profusely coming down,

the enemy’s all around!  

Our mission is search and destroy,

only nine of us deployed!

We can’t see ten feet in front of us,

all Hell breaks loose,

and we’re Ambushed!

“LT” takes two in the chest and dies instantly,

like Flies on Dunn we’re surrounded by Charlie!

They come from the Tunnels below Cu Chi,

and from atop the trees!

The Brass is screaming by our heads,

one found it’s mark and my friend lays dead! 

Three more hours left until dawn, 

the Firefight goes on!

The next to catch a round,

is “TOP” and he lays bleeding on the ground!

We have seven men left with two hours to go,

will we make it-nobody knows!

Suddenly we hear hope from the air,

“Black Horse” Choppers are near!

Spotlights shine on Charlie from above,

the 11th Air Cav’s here and Charlie had enough!

Like God’s Archangels they take out the enemy,

our “Black Horse” brothers  kill many!

“Eagle Horse” stay’s true to their reputation,

to Charlie’s extermination!

Over a hundred on the ground and in the trees,

a terrible thing to say but it was pleasant to see!

The Battle of Cu Chi's come to an end,

but soon more enemy would be sent!

Sgt Duke Sherman

G-Troop, 2/11 ACR

Black Horse Soldier



 The Blackhorse arrived in Vietnam on 7 September 1966. Second Squadron spearheaded Operation Fish Hook into Cambodia on 1 May 1970, surrounding a North Vietnamese logistics center.A U.S. soldier is given first aid while being guarded by his captors in North Vietnam.

DUKE Sherman
Sgt Duke Sherman
G-Troop, 2/11ACR
Black Horse Soldier
Vietnam Veteran

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